Modelling Is not only a rewarding job : SARA VASKU


Sara Vasku student in Business and management. she is 24 years old and she was born and grew up in Italy originally from Albania. In Italy she first attended a linguistic High school where sara learned English, French and Spanish so thanks to that , nowadays sara able to speak 5 languages! After she take diploma and decided to move to Pisa( the city of the famous leaning tower) to study business at University of Pisa . During her college life she had the chance to travel in almost all Europe where she met and shared her culture with people from different countries. After her graduation sara decided to follow her two passions, music and Korean , so she moved again and sara came to Korea.
sara said : I have an outgoing personality that allows me to adapt and face every challenge; I consider myself an open minded and confident woman that’s why I love to learn and share my experiences with people around me .

• sara said About her work
I am still a student, but I worked as an Hostess in italians events, nanny and as a waitress in different countries. Those jobs helped me to build the confidence that I have today , since I had to interact , express myself and take care of other people .
• about fashion work
sara start to model when she was 17 years old , mostly for freelancer photografers that wanted to build their portfolio so she could practice and learn more about modelling . In italy sara was mostly focused on her studies so modelling was more an hobby than a job , but when sara moved to Korea she start to build her portfolio and she have been cast for some movie as a extra cast , tv advertisement (Hyundai ) and fashion catwalks like SEOUL African fashion show.

she joined 2 small contest in her hometown getting the second place and sara joined LBMA contest 2018 in korea.
aboout her fashion icon sara said
My fashion icon is Blake Lively , successful American actress . Her style is simple but extremely elegant. Also with her maternity wear, she never lost her elegance instead she proved her mommy curves should not be hidden but enhanced with contemporary and sensuous looks.

• What you think about modelling ?
sara said about this quenstion Modelling Is not only a rewarding job but it gives you the chance to interact and work with different talents in the world. During your modelling career you can meet many talents and work together and sharing a different but connected passion for a single bigger purpose. Modelling teaches how important is being health and how to set /reach your goals and not loose motivation.

• sara vasku future plan
Nowadays sara need to focus on her Korean studies since she want to apply for a master degree In fashion management and work in fashion industry in Korea. As soon as sara go back to my country she will do casting for Miss Italy , a national competition that gives a chance to young models to be spotted by big brands and start to work in the fashion industry.

Sara vasku video shoot :

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