Arianna Cheung Winner of The Luxury brand model awards 2018


Arianna Cheung she is 10 years old. Live in Hong Kong. A grade 5 student
she is quite active in school and outside. Arianna like singing, dancing and modeling. She meet a lots of friends through the difference activities.

She start to learn modeling in this year January, since her first fashion show in Bangkok Thailand.

Arianna experience on fashion show around 10 times, and she is the Brand Ambassador of kids Lipstick in Bangkok Thailand. And she will take a lots of photo shoot for magazine, and the magazine cover. Photo shoot. for some fashion show promotions. in this moment, she only focus on some beautiful ladies. Not only one person. e.g. Miss universe… she like all the beautiful ladies which is elegant, beauty…all are her icon.

Arianna she like Japanese food , sushi, udon she like the most.
After win The Luxury brand model awards 2018 she is so excited until now. She know that her ability was accept by the jury and other people. She is also win the best photogenic awards from the nadims photography And she said she is do the best and work hard all the time. She will fighting for the crown she need to say thank you all the jury and the team of LBMA Star. Of course together with her team and mom

Arianna future plan she will keep continue for the modeling work. She work hard on singing and dancing also. And she will learn more different language also she will looking forwards some model contest. And she will keep continue to join it. In the future she hope to be a successful person in her acting career. And she want to become a Miss Universe
Arianna said my family is fully support me. and they want i can learn more and know more through the different events.

Arianna win
The The Luxury brand model awards 2018 ( South Korea )
International Model Contest 2018 Hong Kong Champion
Junior Model International 2018 Dubai
Princess of Asia Pacific – Top 5 Talent Model -Best National Costume
Best photogenic awards from Nadims photography