Story Time ll Love or Hate our virtual life ll Writer : Smita Biswas


Teenage, the word transpires worry and anxiety in many a old faces. 13-19 is the age range that is usually considered as teenage. Boys and girls at that age tend to be reckless, straight-forward and full of dreams, which makes the old wise people say that when one hits the adolescent the person is closer to ruining their life, than ever. Yet, no one can say that they got to the youth of their life without having to live the so-called ‘dangerous’ teenage life.

After childhood when the person moves into his/her teenage years, it brings more than just a change in the phase of the age. More and more English words starts to creep into their colloquial language. Rather than calling their mother ’Ma’ and and their ’Baba’ they opt for the words like ’Mom’ and ’Dad’ respectively. And thanks to the Internet chatting, they start to learn new ways of expressing themselves.

Chatting is a household name among the teenagers which refers to having a conversation on the internet sites. While ‘chatting’ on Yahoo!. MSN or Facebook, in their conversation the words start to get shorter and shorter. ‘How are you?’ turns into ‘how r u’; ‘I am fine’ turns into ‘f9’. Communication has reached new heights thanks to the social websites such as Facebook. Teenagers are constantly on those sites ‘updating their status’ on regular intervals. And with the options of ‘comment’ and ‘like’ now news and views spread at lightning speed and even before the newspaper comes out the next morning, teenagers are all updated about the happenings around them.

For teenagers changes are not just limited to digital-world, but adolescent also brings about changes in their lifestyle. Colouring hair, getting tattoo are commonplace among teenagers nowadays. They tend to be more aware of fashion and are always trying hard to keep up with what is in vogue. Even change finds its way to the eating-habit of teens. Junk food seems to get more and more mouth-watering to them. Hustling and bustling tea-stalls with many junk food on offer, is a common sight nowadays. They are all either busy sharing their views and ideas about the world, or just there to sip on a cup of tea on the bench outside the stall and have a good time. They are always on a lookout for a reason to celebrate and have a good time. Be it

four of them roaming around in one rickshaw, or staying up all night to mourn the heart-break of a friend, nothing is humdrum to them. From exchanging views to even exchanging hearts, nothing is uncommon among these dreamy-eyed teenager. They look at the world through colourful glasses and with eyes full of dreams. Valentines day start to make more sense and be more and important to these boys and girls. Consciously or unconsciously, they are always trying to find someone to love. And accordingly these teens are always eager to extend their hand out for friendship towards the opposite gender. Friendship and friends start to get more and more important to them, and for friends they are willing even risk their lives.

In short, teenager years are haphazard, and lacking in any real discipline. Emotions tend to run high and verge on craziness at times. But that is what defines adolescent; lots of hanging out with friends, making a lot of noise. Feelings are poured out in writings, or shared with the ‘best friend’. Teens are firm believer of ‘sharing is caring’ ideology. That is why even when friends gather and spend hours together, it is not unusual for them if the last thing they say to each other before they depart is ‘lets have a group chat tonight at midnight and we will finish our conversation there..!

Love or Hate our virtual life ll  By : Smita Biswas ( BANGLADESH )

Model : Cover photo : Raminta leonaitė ll Lithuania
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