MAN OF THE WORLD 2017 on MISS UNIVERSE 2018: Mostafa and Catriona


MAN OF THE WORLD 2017 on MISS UNIVERSE 2018: Mostafa and Catriona

What’s New with Man of the World 2017 , Mostafa Elezali and his support for Miss Universe 2018: Catriona Gray

Q & A

1. As a pageant title holder, what did you think of the choice of finalists of the Miss Universe this year?
Mostafa: They are all well deserving to be in the top 5

2. You are known to support Catriona’s participation, how did you meet her?
Mostafa: I met her through my manager who introduced me to her.

3. Describe how you are with Catriona.
Mostafa: We are acquaintances but what I know about her is that she is a friendly person.

4. Will your fans be expecting more news about you and Catriona?
Mostafa: Maybe next year because I heard that my manger will co-manage her .

Is Catriona everything you believe a true Filipina should be?
Mostafa: With her attitude now, yes I believe so. She is and friendly and smiles a lot and is very accommodating.

You are now pursuing your goals in your acting career by signing up with Star Magic. How are they building up your celebrity image? Are you taking workshops?
Mostafa: Im undertaking tagalog and acting workshops for the meantime. So I hope it will fast track my career as I work hard to study tagalog.

As a pure foreigner in Philippine Showbiz, do you think this path will help you join the big ranks of stars in the near future? How and why?
Mostafa: I believe so by working hard and being humble. Because showbiz makes people famous.

7. You have just joined ABS CBN Starmagic and Cornerstone Entertainment , the biggest Talent Agency in the country (Philippines). Will we see you soon in a movie with one of Cornerstone’s biggest talents?
Mostafa: I’m not sure but yes I will once I manage the language and acting skills.

8. What movies or shows are you currently shooting? What are your roles in these films?
Mostafa: I have a guest appearance in the movie, “The Girl in the Orange Dress”. This is a romance flick which is included in the Metro Manila Film Festival, which is something like the Oscars in Philippine Film Industry. I also am currently shooting in an I-Flix series (which is equal to Netflix) . The title of the series is “Mystified” and I play the role of Lucifer.
These are a few of the roles I was offered.

9. You are the first MOTW title holder, first Male Egyptian winner in an International pageant, first Muslim to win a Male pageant. First pure foreigner in Philippine Entertainment Industy. Will we expect another first from you?
Mostafa: Hahahahaha You don’t know me yet. I’m excited to make history so I will work hard to make something new in the showbiz. I wanna surprise my audience.

10. Do you have an inspirational message to your fans who have followed you and continue to support you in your endeavours?
Mostafa: Keep supporting me and I will always make you proud.

11. What inspirational message would you like to impart to Catriona as the new Miss Universe?
Mostafa: Stay humble and make the Philippines proud.

What is your opinion regarding transgenders in pageants?
Mostafa: They have the right to compete in their own respective pageants.